About Ałła

She started her journey with yoga over 20 years ago. Since then, she’s been actively helping and contributing to grow of School of Yoga. Since 1992 she’s continually and with the same enthusiasm practicing yoga according to BKS Iyengar’s method

Alla in 1995 achieved her first certification as a teacher of Iyengar’s method, which allowed her foregoing practice to be reformed into high-level teaching. She’s an author and co-author of many trainings, some of which are happening in the school, and the other being held in many different locations.

Despite having very broad knowledge, she doesn’t stop her education. She stills, regularly, studies at the most skilled teachers of traditional yoga in the world, including the Iyengar’s Institute in Pune, India.

She has eligibility to lead various trainings:


• Therapeutic

• Relaxing

• With pregnant women

She’s got a diploma in Iyengar Yoga in rank Intermediate Junior III. In private, as a mother of three children, she shows understanding while being very strict. In her free time as a violinist – as a graduate of Music Academy – she can apply her sensitivity of an artist to her art of yoga.

’’I practice yoga according to Iyengar’s method since 1991. I guide in yoga since 1995. I studied many times in BKS Iyengar Institute in Pune (India). I had opportunity to met many amazing teachers – Gabrielle Giubilaro, Faeq Biria, Corin Biria, Lois Steinberg, Rita Keller, Priest Joe Pereira during workshops I still participate in. Since 1998 I’m a student of Roshi Shodo Harada (rinzaj zen). In teaching I want to show people, that yoga isn’t only a physical efficiency and well-being. Yoga is also art of concentration, self-observing and a way to stay in harmony between extremes. It teaches that physicality and spirituality aren’t divided, and work with your body is a method which helps us experiencing that.”