Szkoła Jogi Szczecin


Starting from the beginning, from sole basis of yoga – it means combining, mergencing, integrating. Its source comes from medieval times. This Indian system of individual practice has a purpose of merging one’s personality on physical, psychical and emotional level. Thanks to direct experiences, we can explore and discover multidimensional reality alongside with learning how to influence our psychophysical state, our health state and our relationship with the environment.

Modern world, scorching and not paying heed to anything, doesn’t give us a moment to breath, and we not always are able to find a place for us in it. Spate of duties, stress coming from many different sources – living in constant rush, work, lack of physical activity, lack of time… these are only few of many factors, which summed up are bringing devastating effects on both our organism and soul. Perfect antidote for all these problem is within our reach – it’s yoga. Goal for this practical philosophy is to merge body, mind and soul. Effect of this harmony is fulfilling life, condition, amazing efficiency and health.

Reaching our limits and overcoming them is always thought as something possible only for people with extraordinary predispositions. But it’s nothing more than a lie! Yoga is for everybody – only requirements are willingness to do something with one’s health, and state of mind, because it’s not body which has to be flexible – it has to be the mind!

Yoga is a complex system of self development. It’s a philosophy, science, and art. Practiced in a proper way, gives us amazing possibilities. Thanks to exercises, we start to follow universal moral rules, and we learn our own, internal self-discipline.

Both health and flexibility of body can be developed with practicing asan, yoga position we encourage you to try. With easy to do exercises, made especially for beginners, everyone can begin their work towards developing better health state, ease muscle tension. Spoils, which are brought by asan technique, are disproportional to difficulty in doing them, and they give quite surprising results. Bringing techniques of yoga, and doing the exercises gives us possibilities to learn how to relax, breath properly. We also are able to calm down our minds, even when dealing with enormous tension. Following moral rules, and self-discipline, combined with asan exercises, give us ability to reach internal balance and ease of mind, and to add up to it, living in peace with what surrounds us, works soothing, calming and vitalizes our lives.

Yoga can be exercised by everyone, and its exercises are varied and multidimensional.