Yoga School


In range of our Yoga School we offer:

  • Exercises on different levels

  • Exercises in therapeutic group for people with health issues

  • Exercises with young people and children (workshops for young and children)

  • Exercises for mothers/fathers with kids

  • Relaxing exercises for pregnant women

  • Individual exercises

  • Weekend workshops developing and deepening yoga understating

  • Retreats during holidays, Christmas-New Year’s Eve and May’s long weekend, which combine Yoga lessons and leisure

  • Workshops “Kitchen according to five elements”

  • Workshops related to different areas of personal development “system settings”

  • During summer, free Yoga lessons in the park

All programs we offer include exercises strengthening and stretching body, improving concentration, regenerating and relaxation techniques, matching to level based on BKS Iyengar’s method. Lessons last from one hour to two and include asan sequences – body positions, breathing exercises (paranjama) and learning how to relax and meditate. To run our lessons and workshops we invite the best teachers form Poland and abroad.

Most important for us is to pass to you way to achieve state of complete harmony of body, breath and mind. Systematic and precise practicing Yoga, also in your domesticity, makes one physically, morally and mentally strong, and makes it that his or her attitude towards life is incredibly positive, tolerant and open.