Iyengar Yoga Retreat in Andalusia

Iyengar Yoga Retreat in Andalusia


We were enchanted by the nature, the climate and the fruit. We dreamed about Yoga.

That is why we have decided to create this event – 7 day yoga retreat.

It is a great pleasure to invite you to a new charming place for a Yoga retreat. 


Dates: 22.08 - 29.08.2020 or 30.08 - 06.09.2020

Place : Archez, Andalusia, Spain

Price: 790 euro for 7 days (It includes a seven-day stay in a double room, boarding, yoga classes, organised hiking trips and a guide.)

Arrival: you have to book a flight to Malaga or Granada

Contact us on or WhatsApp +34 682 489 949 to book 


Yoga classes will be conducted by Alla Raginis

She started her adventure with yoga almost 30 years ago and has been actively contributing to the Yoga School ever since. Since 1992 she has been practicing yoga according to the BKS Iyengar method continuously and with the same enthusiasm.

In 1995 Alla obtained her first Iyengar method teacher's certificate, thanks to which her previous practice has given her the opportunity to learn at a certified level. She is the founder and co-creator of a number of workshops organized both in her school's headquarters and outdoor workshops.

Despite the broad knowledge supported by the certificate, she does not stop and continues to regularly study with the most qualified teachers of the yoga tradition in the world, including the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India.


She is authorised to conduct various classes:


- Specialist classes

- therapeutic

- relaxation

- activities for pregnant women


She is a graduate teacher of Iyengar yoga at Intermediate Junior III.

Privately, as a mother of three children she shows understanding and is demanding.

As a musician and violinist, a graduate of the Academy of Music, she is able to apply her artist's sensitivity to the practice and art of teaching yoga.

‘I have been practicing yoga according to the Iyengar method since 1991. I have been teaching since 1995. I have studied many times at the BKS Iyengara Institute in Pune (India). I was lucky to meet exceptional teachers - Gabriella Giubilaro, Faeqa Biria, Corin Biria, Lois Steinberg, Rita Keller, Father Joe Pereira and Claus Grzesch, in workshops I constantly attend. Since 1998 I have been a pupil of Roshi Shodo Harada (rinzaj zen). I regularly participate in meditation retreats (zazen). In my teaching I want to convey that yoga is not only about physical fitness and well-being. Yoga is the art of concentration, self-observation and learning how to stay in harmony between extremes. Yoga teaches that physicality and spirituality are not separated, and working with the body is a method to help you experience it’.


 We invite you to practice yoga, to visit the charming Andalusia, the southern part of Spain, to see the white villages in the Tejeda National Park, to admire the beautiful mountain views, to walk among the growing olive trees, avocados, pomegranates and oranges, to swim on the beaches nearby. This is the best time for ripe fruit.

There is also a possibility of earlier arrival or later departure, subject to room availability.

Place: Meson Mudejar Vegan is the first 100% vegan hotel and restaurant in the area. 

The character of this 18th century building (one of the oldest in the village) - it has been renovated in the traditional Arabic style of Mudejar and offers five charming rooms, all individually decorated. The rooms are double rooms.

Meson Mudejar Vegan is the perfect base for cycling, walking, running or any other kind of active holiday. We are located 530 meters above sea level at the foot of the Sierra Almijara Mountains and Tejeda National Park. The surroundings are impressive and the Mediterranean Sea is only 16 km away if you want to spend a relaxing day at the beach.


100% plant-based cuisine.

The restaurant offers a wide range of different dishes of the world's cuisine and shows how you can prepare amazing food from plant and local ingredients without losing the familiar flavours.

Meson Mudejar Vegan is located in Archez, a small village in the province of Malaga, at the foot of the Sierra Almijara National Park on the picturesque Mudejar route that winds through some of the most picturesque white villages in the Axarquia region.

Archez is situated in a beautiful valley. The Turvilla River runs through the village. Along the river a beautiful walk will take you to the hills and to the neighbouring village of Canillas De Albaida.

Along the river are the remains of two old mills, which testifies to Archez's previous status as an important agricultural village. Today, most of the village slopes are full of vines, avocados, olive and fig trees, where you can meet local farmers harvesting their crops.

Food: vegan dishes soaked in sunshine and love will be cooked for us by Meson Mudejar’s chefs Kinga and David.

The owners about themselves: "We are a vegan couple with a passion for fruit and travel. Although we are both Poles from Szczecin and we both lived in England for many years - we met in Thailand. We decided to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city where we had lived for many years and live in the European tropical paradise of Andalusia. We gave up our previous careers to find joy surrounded by fresh fruit and vegetables. We found peace on the mountainous coast of southern Spain surrounded by wonderful local people who welcomed us here with their hot Andalusian hearts. Our mission is to share our compassion and love for animals and life, remaining a fully vegan restaurant. We want to show that vegan food can be not only healthy and good for you, but also very tasty.


Morning: fruit paradise from local farms, tea, cold drinks

Lunch: on site or on a take-away trip

Dinner: seasonal menu cooked with ingredients from our organic garden. Have a look on our You Tube channel to see our work in the garden from day 1 ☺


Transportation from the airport.


There are two options:

1. rental of a car. The car will make it easier for us to move around the area.

2. Travel by bus.

3. Taxi from the airport


Programme proposals:


Morning yoga classes, evening relaxation classes, inverted positions.


Visiting undiscovered areas, unknown even to Spaniards: 


1. trip to 'El Saltillo', otherwise known as the 'other' Andalusian Route of the King - about 6 hours - 8 km

2. walking tour in the wild and unknown part of the national park about 15km

3. a walking tour of the white villages with wine tasting at the local producer Archez-Competa-Canillas de Albaida- Competa

4. walking tour to Salares with a short walk in the mountains about 3 hours.

5. a hike from Archez to the wild mountains and back to Archez - all on foot. Including a picnic by the river. About 10km 6 hours

6.  Alternative proposals:

Chilling near the river.

Take a bus or car trip to the beach, to the cave in Nerja or to Malaga, visit in the Giblarfaro castle, and Picasso museum.

A unique trip to Almunecar, to a castle on the tropical coast.

Bathing in the crisp water of a stream.

We are expecting a group of about 10 people, so we will set the schedule of the day in accordance with the condition, demand, level of curiosity and energy of the participants in such a way that our trip is attractive, but not exhausting.

We would like to keep the "spirit of Yoga", the practice of in depth, for observation, meditation, but there will also be integration and feasting together.


Additional costs:


- Flight and transfer to the airport.


- The price of the journey from the airport to Archez, depends on the option: Rent a car, bus or taxi.


- Taxi for short distances - access to the trails.


Examples of taxi prices for 12 people:

Return from 60 euros

Canillas de Aceituno in both directions from 140 euros 


- Tickets to the museum, castle, etc.


Sample schedule


08.00 yoga practice                    

10.30 fruit paradise, drinks             

11.30 a trip or lunch with the group

18.30 dinner                         

20.00 yoga practice - relaxation, meditation 


Take with you: a mat, a yoga belt, comfortable shoes for walking in the mountains, a water bottle and a small backpack for trips.


We invite you warmly, the adventure awaits!